DogMa Daycare and Boarding for Dogs

DogMa Daycare provides outdoor supervised pack play in our spacious yards and interaction with attentive, caring handlers 13 hours per day. Overnight boarding guests play all day – and snooze at night in our state-of-the art indoor facility with 24-7 staff taking guests out for potty breaks in the yards. And, we offer dog walking too!

The DogMa Difference

D.C.’s Only Outdoor Dog-Park-Style Daycare and Boarding Facility

DogMa was “grandfathered” in when D.C. ended zoning for outdoor dog daycares. With our outdoor yards covering half a city block, we are the only daycare in D.C. where your dog can play outside with a carefully selected pack.

Unparalleled Safety Record

DogMa is the only D.C. facility requiring all handlers to be certified by an IACP trainer. We carefully screen applicants before admission and closely staff each new dog on a trial day to ensure newcomers fit safely in the pack. We maintain a 20:1 maximum ratio of dogs-to-handlers. We have a midday rest period with each dog provided a crate and bedding washed after each use. Our boarding room has hospital–style flooring and wall treatments, and we sanitize throughout the day.

Individualized Care

We don’t just know your dog’s name, we get to know your dog. We create playgroups in our four outdoor yards based on personality and playstyle. This ensures every dog has a fun and safe experience. Special diets? Meds? No problem!  Our careful tracking system ensures each dog is cared for as instructed.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“My dog loves DogMa! Like many Capitol Hill homes, our house lacks a large green space for Viggo to play. Twice a week I take him to DogMa for daycare so he can sniff, run and visit with his doggie buds. The moment he learns it’s a DogMa day he spins around and sprints to the front door. The staff have always been super friendly, helpful and seem to truly enjoy having Viggo there.”

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