“My sweet boy, Hank (Hankie Baby) has been a regular with his pack of pals at DogMa for almost three years. There are not enough words to describe how absolutely incredible the staff at DogMa have been for my boy. Every weekday morning Hank is either jumping on top of me getting me to move faster or he is waiting by the door tapping his paw with impatience to get in the car and go to DogMa. While Hank can be such a good boy, he has very intense protection of his Mom, especially when he is dropped off in the morning.

The staff have worked with me to develop a solution to ensure that Hank’s morning drop-off experience is pleasurable for all involved. Hank has also spent time boarding at Dogma and he just loves it! Because of Dogma, I never have to worry about Hank when I am at work or out of town, he is with his pals, getting exercise, having fun and being well taken care of; what more can a Dog Ma want?!

Beth, Bethany, Michelle, Brittany & Crew are the best. Their care and concern for all of the dogs is exceptional. There is no place else that I would take my sweet boy Hank.

Thank you for everything!.”

– Christie….a Dog Ma. 🙂


“When we turn the corner to DogMa, Finley goes into full excitement mode! I’m not sure there is any higher compliment then your dog being happy to go anywhere.  The staff treat him like their own and love to play. Dogma provides a safe, stimulating and fun day for Finley – the picture says it all!”.


“My dog loves DogMa! Like many Capitol Hill homes, our house lacks a large green space for Viggo to play. Twice a week I take him to Dogma for daycare so he can sniff, run and visit with his doggie buds. The moment he learns it’s a DogMa day he spins around and sprints to the front door. The staff have always been super friendly, helpful and seem to truly enjoy having Viggo there.”.


“I have been taking my miniature poodle, Mae, to DogMa for over 7 years. She has gone for daycare several days every week and has boarded many times for up to 10 nights. I never worry about her, and it’s so good for her, and all dogs, to be part of a pack. The grounds at DogMa are perfect for dogs – a VERY large, clean outdoor area with toys, pool sun or shade, etc., and an indoor area, of course. There is a rest time in mid-day. The dogs are ALWAYS extremely-well supervised, and very carefully screened as well.

The main characteristic that distinguishes DogMa from any other place is the extraordinary people. They ALL love dogs – all kinds of dogs. They treat OUR dogs as though they were their dogs. They are serious, dependable, kind, observant, firm and fun. If only daycare for babies was as good as DogMa. No other doggie daycare can compare!”

 – Ann Ford


“My name is Wilmington, but my bipeds call me Willie. They gave me a formal fancy name to help me get past my humble beginnings. I am over all that now not just because of the name change but because I get royal treatment 24-7 at my forever home and here at DogMa. Not to bark too loudly about myself but since I have been a DogMa devotee since 2009, I am a bit of the elder statesman here on Virginia Avenue. As a result of this senior status I have developed my favorites among my constituents in the dog-pack. It is a difficult choice though because the pack is a fun bunch of furballs of all makes and sizes.

In true disclosure however, I cannot say I have a favorite in the furless bi-peds with the opposable thumbs. They are all THE BEST and I am not above showering anyone of them with dog kisses any chance I get. From the first day I came here to this very morning when I arrived I have always been welcomed by name, had the benefit of not one but two huge outside spaces to hang out and play with the pack and the guardians of the pack. Then after all the exercise there is even a cozy place for me to catch up on my nap time. I may have had it rough to start, but it is pretty evident – I won the lottery.

Thank you DogMa Wilmington A. Dogg

P.S. Here’s a tip for my pack friends, these soulful eyes earn extra rounds of dog treats all the time!”

– Dolly Vehlow and Steve Hessler

Cody Kennedy

“I have searched for quite some time to find a place that would be satisfying to myself and Cody Kennedy. I did not think that place would exist until I found DogMa. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. I have observed them interact with the dogs and I must say I have been pleased. I would like to thank you for the quality of care you have been giving to Cody Kennedy and the level of professionalism you have given to me.”

-Tim Wallace


“We adopted Ace in March 2010 from Prince Georges County Animal Management Division. I thought taking him on 3 long walks a day would be enough exercise but quickly learned he needed more. I searched for a dog daycare where he could interact with other dogs in a supervised setting while we were at work. We tried 3 different doggie daycares in the DC area but they were out of the way, no parking and the staff was not a good fit. Thankfully I found DogMa. The location is ideal with bus stops just a few steps away, the metro just a few blocks up the street, plenty of street parking or paid parking lots, a park across the street, friendly staff and cost effective.

Ace has been at DogMa for at least 4 years now. We like the time the staff spends engaging with the dogs, the swimming pools, games they play, snacks they give and nap times. Ace gets so excited that he starts talking and pacing in the car when we are blocks away because he knows where he is going. It’s a great feeling to know that our buddy is so happy and excited to spend time at Dogma. We have also boarded Ace over night or for days at a time when we have family come in town or we go out of town. At times they have been able to accommodate us at short notice which we are so grateful for. On the drive home Ace looks out the window for about 5 minutes then he’s laying down in the car tired from his long day at DogMa. It shows us how much he enjoys his time at Dogma. We know he will be a great big dog brother for his twin brother and sister that will be arriving in September. WE ALL LOVE DogMa!”

– Deanna Covington – Sherrod


“Our beagle, Rocky, has been going to DogMa for over three years. We started using them as an occasional drop off service but when we found that our little guy LOVED being there so much, we switched to the full, 5-day-a-week service. When Monday morning rolls around, Rocky senses it’s a “DogMa Day” and waits anxiously by the front door. He knows the way so he, literally, PULLS us all the way to their door. We absolutely love all of the employees – they seem to love their jobs and bond with each and every dog on an individual basis. They have become like stepmoms and stepdads to Rocky. We couldn’t be happier, and recommend DogMa VERY highly.”

– Lari Lavigne

More Reviews

Aimee Cisneros

We are traveling and stopped in the Washington DC area for a few days. The daycare is fantastic. Everyone has a smile on their faces and are excited to meet your dog. Knowing my Bootsy is a little older they reassured me they would make sure he got the rest he needs in between playing. When we picked Bootsy up he was in good spirits. He was healthy tired like he had a great day. I will strongly recommend them to every and anyone.

Daimon Johnson

With having an English bulldog, special care is needed. The staff knew the limitations of the breed and allowed him to play for 30 mins and rest for 30 mins. Was very impressed. My dog was tired from the play, but not overly tired and panting real hard.

Leslie Turner

My dog comes home from day care at Dogma happy and well exercised – couldn’t ask for more!! The staff and owner are very attentive to the needs and well-being of all the dogs. Super happy that we are within walking distance.

Tina Babich

I like how friendly these guys are. They really know how to treat their clients. I always leave my dog here and they always do a great job. Best place ever.

Joey Shadel

Our 5-month puppy LOVES Dog-Ma. He anticipates the days we’ll take him and races to the car (he normally hates the car!). We can barely keep him back as he runs through the gates to Dog-Ma! Before taking him, we often read about the gravel outdoors bothering dogs’ paws and were worried, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. Dog-Ma has helped our puppy socialize and learn to play well with other dogs. Highly recommend!

Dave Corey

The folks at Dog-Ma are amazing and very attentive to my pup’s needs. Their hours are great and accommodate odd work schedules. They are very responsive via email and their loyalty program helps keep the prices very fair. Their boarding team have always taken great care of our pup.

Kate Little

A lifesaver for my high-energy pup! He is always excited to go and happy at the end of the day.

Gisele Kennedy

My Brussells Griffon, Billie Holliday loves this place. I usually just board her, but even when we’re simply driving by, she gets excited. Usually when she hasn’t seen me, even if for a few hours, she’s excited to reunite. When I pick her up from DogMa? Not so much, she has such a great time and is so totally spoiled that I think she’d live there if given the choice. The staff is caring and the price is comparable, but the piece of mind is priceless.

Cari Shane

My two large dogs, Tennessee (Tennie) and Hudson, LOVE DogMa. Tennie has a LOT of anxiety and is quite aggressive with people she doesn’t know. She trusts NO ONE. In turn, she shows her affection to those she loves by jumping up on them and “hugging” them. When we arrive at DogMa for a drop off, she jumps on the folks who work here because she loves them. In my opinion, THIS is the quintessential endorsement of a great boarding facility. Dogs get to play and romp all day as much as they want to, They are not kept kenneled,

Ariya McGrew

While Rose and I were in DC, I had to send her to daycare the last day in town. I took her to her old daycare/kennel, DogMa. They remembered her and she remembered them. We couldn’t make their Yappy Hour but they gave us some goodies! I love DogMa! One of the few regrets I have moving to NYC is not being able to take Rose to DogMa on a regular basis.

Kïmberly Pïrtle

My dog has been going to daycare pretty much all his life and he is more excited about going to Dog-Ma than any other daycare we’ve taken him to in the area.

Andrea Maleter

“They care about each dog like a family member and it’s always fun when we walk around Capitol Hill and people I don’t know say “Hi Polly” because they work at DogMa.”

Melissa Falkowski

“The staff at Dogma has always gone above and beyond to make Leila feel comfortable and keep me updated on how she is doing when we travel.”

Erin Heard

“Before I found Dogma I would be so worried about my Rottweiler who was anxious when boarding. The amazing staff at Dogma was willing to work with her special needs and anxiety.”