Additional Services

DogMa Daycare is a full-service care facility for dogs. We provide daycare and boarding services and baths, and dog walking. Please select a service below for more information.

Dog Walking: Does your dog need a trustworthy, punctual professional to give him/her a break midday – maybe on days not spent playing at DogMa? We have plenty of options for your furry friend! We offer:

  • Waterfront Toe Dip ($12.00) – This 15-minute, in-and-out option makes sure your dog has a potty break. Not every dog needs a long walk and exercise while you are gone. This is a good fit for senior pups who really just need to get up and stretch their legs and go for a potty break and get some calm loving attention. This also works for puppies that are too young for pack play because you can break up their day into manageable periods of crate time for house breaking and social time. At this discounted price, you can have your walker stop by twice  a day and not break your bank or your puppy’s bladder.

  • South East City Stroll ($20.00) – 30 minutes out with buddies of human and dog variety ensures social interaction and moderate exercise with a peemail check and a midday ear and belly rub. This is a great option for  dogs that need more time to get their business done or just enjoy a more brisk walk and some butt-sniffing social time.

  • Capitol Hill Tour  ($30.00) – This is one full hour of exercise and social fun for your pup. Our walker will take your dog out with a friend or two (or by themselves) and go on a full-on adventure to the local park (always leashed of course) or a nearby green area. This will give your dog plenty of paw prints on their step counter and sure to have them ready for a nap when they get back. This is a great option for high-energy dogs – maybe on days they are not letting off steam at daycare.

Vet “Taxi” Service: Need your dog taken in to the veterinarian for their routine checkup, a stool sample or their ever-so-important CORE vaccines? Those appointments can be hard to work into restrictive weekday hours. And weekends are meant for the dog park and hiking… Let us help! We are happy to come pick your pup up and take them to our neighboring vet partners (Union Vet, Capitol Hill Vet, District Vet at Eastern Market or Atlas Vet in NE). Prices will vary between $50.00 and $75.00 depending on length of the vet visit.


Bath Service: After several days of running, wrestling, and having a ball at DogMa’s outdoor/indoor playground, a nice bath is a good thing! We can give your pup a wash, rinse, and dry so you BOTH go home happy. The cost ranges from $25.00 – $35.00, based on breed and/or size.

*These services are provided for clients within our service area.

*Paw Points can be acquired and redeemed for any daycare, boarding, or walking services.

Dog-Ma COVID-19 Precautions to Help Protect Everyone’s Health

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