Hello Pack Parents!


aug peemail 2

Izzy here, pool-side and staying cool as DC’s August dog-days set in. Given its steam-bath-summer-as-usual, I highly suggest splashing around in a pool to keep cool. You should take your fury friends with you. Or, you can also send them here to beat the heat with me in DogMa’s pools. I personally prefer the all-but-schnozzle-in-the-drink swimming routine in the big pool, but our kiddie pools do the trick too. Please send my two-legged friends at DogMa your August schedules and boarding needs.

CSX & Street Closure Update

As you may have noticed, CSX is starting its big dig. As of now, Virginia Avenue is deemed a hard hat area and is often blocked. This was not the plan, so our new covered, triple-gate walk way and entrance from L Street is not quite done. It will be identical to the system at Virginia Ave now and will be done be by August 10. But, please still do drop off your hounds on L Street…  DogMa’s two-leggeds will greet you near the almost-done new L Street entrance for Valet Barking and Barkside Service. That is to say that there will be a staff member posted on L Street near the new entrance during peak drop-off and pick-up hours to safely walk your dog into the play area. If no one is posted outside when you would like to drop off or pick up, just give the office a call at 202.543.7805 to have someone come out and greet you. Thank you for your wonderful cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience.The new entrance may be done sooner, but for certain by the 10th.
Outside Play Yard Expansion
You may have noticed that we now have more outside yard spaces to romp around and play! There are two new 1,188 square foot yards to play, jump, chase and swim in. I don’t know what you like to do, but that’s a list of my favorite things. Yes, the two-leggeds tried to get the new entrance fencing work finished before the new yards…but, the fencing company listened to the pack and focused on more play space first instead!  This has led to some moping by the two-leggeds, but the pack is thrilled.
That’s it for now — I’m off to send out some more messages via that fire hydrant on the corner.
Smell ya later!
Izzy pawprint