September Peemail


September pee mail 2

Howdy Pack Parents!

It’s Izzy again. Have you noticed the weather changing? My wet nose smells that fall is coming soon! That means I’ll need to enjoy all of the swimming I can during the season change-over. I love swimming in the pools, especially now that DogMa has, not one, but two over-sized pools for me and all of furry my pals to play in. I’m not sure why the humans don’t get in and play with us, but I make sure to shake some pool water off on them once I get out. I hear the folks around me even talking about getting a pool deck ready this month for next swimming season. Then I’ll be able to sunbathe on the deck after jumping in and out of the pools, chasing after the balls and the occasional pipsqueak squirrels.

Labor Day Boarding & Daycare Schedules

Labor Day is around the corner and I am making big plans to pack my bags and spend the night at DogMa for a few nights. Why don’t you send some of my pals to spend the night with me if you’re planning on going out of town?

Or, if you have Labor Day off at work, and you normally bring your pooch to daycare on Monday’s, please inform the humans if you won’t be sending your fuzzy kid to daycare that day; perhaps you’d like to bring them in another day?!

CSX Update

I wanted to update you on those showoff diggers of CSX. Ha, of course they can out-dig a dog, they have backhoes! Best we have been informed, we should expect nothing happening with the CSX project that requires any more changes for Dogma. Our new L Street entrance is now fully functional – with a new covered walkway on the way (by mid-month) and cameras so the humans in the office can see you coming in.

H St Festival 
DogMa will be attending the H St Festival this year. Mark your calendars for some great fun on September 19th. This event spans over 10 blocks on historic H St and lasts all afternoon into the early evening. There’s food & beer, hundreds of vendors and lots of live entertainment. There are even fancy painted cars on display and a pie eating contest that I’m pretty sure I should stop by and help clean up. Stop by and say hello and maybe even woof woof!
Well, that’s all for now folks. I’ll be back again next month to deliver the new installment of “Izzy’s PeeMail.”
Smell ya later!
Izzy pawprint