December Peemail & Holiday Hours


end of summer fun

Happy HOWLidays Pack Parents!

Izzy here, making my list and checking it twice. It’s about 0700 here and my mom just hit snooze again but I have a lot to do before my 1400 belly rub. I need to get the schedule down around the holidays. There are so many butts to sniff, peemail’s to send, parties perfect for human-food snagging…and of course there’s the whole business with the latke-scented eight nights of new bones/balls/chew toys and carefully sniffing every box under that tree I am not supposed to pee on…so I need to make sure to plan it all out in my calendar.

December Promotions
For the month of December, if you refer a friend, your friend will get their evaluation day for free and a free day of daycare will be added on your account as well as paw points for their evaluation day. Just be sure to tell them to put your name and dogs name in the “how did you hear about us” part on the application so we know to whom we should give FREE DAYCARE . Sorry, got a little excited with caps there – these furry paws couldn’t help it. We’re going to sweeten up the deal as well. Any new client that uses the promo code “GOODLIST” can get daycare for just $30 a day for a month if they have their evaluation day in December. Maybe that will help them get on your good list too!  You can pick up DogMa flyers to give to friends – just ask at the gate.
Holiday Hours
We’re in for the holiday home stretch at this point. (That would be the downward dog, in case you did not get my clever graphic trick there.)December and the year’s end is upon us – the time for a lot of planning and traveling. Here are our hours for the holiday’s so you can plan ahead.
Christmas Eve (12/24)12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (regular Sunday hours)
Christmas Day (12/25) –- CLOSED (No daycare – no drop off and no pick up. If you happen to walk by and see pups and two-leggeds playing outside in the yards, that’s the overnight guests.)
Post Christmas Day (12/26)6:30 AM to 8:00 PM  (normal hours)
New Years Eve (12/31)12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (regular Sunday hours)
New Years Day (1/1) –- CLOSED (No daycare – no drop off and no pick up. We are here to take care of overnight guests only.)
December Daycare & Boarding Schedules
Please remember to send in your daycare dates for the month of December and try to do so by the 8th of this month so you can accumulate some serious Paw Points. If you have a normal monthly schedule, please let us know if you don’t plan on coming certain days so the wonderful two-leggeds who take me and my friends can plan accordingly. There are a good few pawfuls of slots reserved just for your pup during the holidays this month and next, so make sure to get on that good list (though, the naughty list is sometimes worth it, not in this case).


That’s all for now – see you next year!