DogMa Pack March Peemail




March is here, Pack Parents!

This means Spring is around the corner. More importantly, this means diving cannonballs with my fuzzy butt in the DogMa pools on the warm days! I had a taste of that last week and it was the best. Oh boy, oh boy – I can’t wait for the pools to be open EVERY day again!

March Daycare & Boarding

 As the weather gets warmer, we get busier. If you pre-schedule your daycare, not only do you get Paw Points (for those newbie packsters, that’s a $2 credit each pre-scheduled day that accrues through the month and redeemed during the following month), but your dog is guaranteed a spot for that day. We offer daycare drop off without a schedule, however, once we reach capacity – we have to turn away unscheduled pups. If we know ahead of time, we can have extra staff on hand to expand our playgroup sizes in the four outdoor play yards (and one indoor play space for the AC lovers)!

Just a little reminder, while we are discussing the benefits of scheduling daycare in advance – all boarding drop offs must be scheduled in advance. Once you make a reservation for boarding, our system automatically sends out an e-mail, confirming the boarding stay. This will give you a chance to look it over and make sure they are the right dates that you need once you firm up your traveling itinerary.

While my humans love talking to you about all things D-O-G, it is far more efficient for schedule requests to be made by e-mail and my two-legged colleagues here at Dog-ma will respond to let you know everything is all set.

Health Requirements

As the warmer weather approaches, pesky insects start to emerge. Sometimes I think they are tasty (or just fun to play with) – but sometimes they pesky critters can make pups sick. My humans told me I have to be on Flea & Tick Control and heartworm preventatives year-round to visit DogMa. There have been some vets that have suggested using certain preventatives over others because they have seen an increase in cases of some preventatives becoming less effective. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet if you don’t believe your preventatives are working well. It might be a good idea to switch to all oral, instead of topical – or maybe a different brand altogether. Open up that dialogue with your vet so you can work together to keep your dog safest.

And, if you have not sent us your pup’s current vaccination records, please do – we need current vaccine records on file for all pups visiting Dog-ma to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Your vet (or you) can e-mail copies of your pup’s vaccine records to us at or fax them to us at 202-379-3343. Bonus: if you keep your information current with us, the Dog-ma client management system sends out a vaccine reminder to you when each vaccine is 30-days from expiring.

Because we take the Dog-ma pack’s health and safety very seriously, we want you to know that if your dog’s vaccine records are out of date, we will have to put your pup on a reverse schedule (ie. outside when the rest of the pack is inside lunching/resting and thus with no contact with the pack) and you will be contacted. Sure, my two-leggeds are nice on the phone, but your four-legged (aka my pack-mate) will not have half as much fun without being able to play with me and the rest of the pack! When we have a dog come in whose records are not up-to-date, we usually try to reach out to the vet on our own for your convenience. But if we get the records at the time they are updated, then this wouldn’t be an issue… hint, hint – puhleese – wag, wag.

Friends Promo

We love it when you refer your friends! That means I make more friends – but more importantly, your dogs can play with their friends too. I love the days when my best friends show up! DogMa has an ongoing promo code: WILBUR for all new clients to use for a free evaluation day. They can only redeem it on their application – and the best way for them to know about it is if you tell them. What’s even better – if they mention they heard about DogMa through you on their application, you also get a free day of daycare. Just think of it as our way saying thanks. Who’s a good boy?! Me!

That’s all for now folks.

Smell you later,