September 2017 Peemail

Howdy Pack Parents: September is among us! We are almost over with The Dog(ma) days of summer! Come join me and splash about in the pools; chase some balls; squeak some squeakers; dig a hole (or actually – don’t do that – I hear the humans grumble about that sometimes, but hey, I’m having fun so who cares). I simply…

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April Peemail

Hello Beautiful Packsters! Happy Spring​ Do you smell that? My sniffer is working overtime. Spring is in the air! Daily pool time is just around the corner. It’s like clock work every spring – the shedding of winter coats of both the furry and velcro-on types – always causes the filling of the swimming pools to slowly become a daily…

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Dog-Ma COVID-19 Precautions to Help Protect Everyone’s Health

Learn more about what Dog-ma is doing to limit our clients’ and staffs’ exposure to COVID-19.